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Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Summer Scent: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine

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When this scent first came out I was in my last few weeks working at Ulta before I graduated. I remember not thinking anything of it at first because I have my absolute favorite perfume and since I worked at Ulta I tried tons of different scents and nothing ever came close to my favorite, which is YSL Parisienne if you're wondering. Even the first time I smelled Sunshine I wasn't completely drawn to it. So what made me buy it?

I walked by the shelf with this perfume so many times and after a while I noticed I couldn't take my eyes off of it as I went by. Kinda weird, I know...I was stalking a perfume, but the bottle is just so beautiful and eye-catching. I would go over to it and take a whiff,  sometimes spray it on myself and then it became a routine and I couldn't leave the store until I quickly sprayed myself.

I went back and forth on buying it. I did get a discount as an employee, but it was still a bit expensive. After mulling it over I decided to go ahead and buy it and just get it over with. My YSL perfume was half-way used up and I would be needing a new one soon anyway, so I did it. 

That was my little story about lusting over it and now we'll get to business: the review :)

Quickly, I'll go over the packaging. I bought the 2.5 oz. bottle because the perfume inside smelled better to me than the 1.7 oz. bottle and even though the liquids are different colors, I didn't know they were actually different scents until I looked them up. Luckily for me, I preferred the larger bottle anyway because it's just prettier in my opinion :) The liquid inside is a light purpley-pink and the flowers on the top are so big and bright! It is definitely a statement bottle.

The scent of the Eau So Fresh is a floral and fruity scent mixed, which I love because floral can sometimes smell like a more "mature" perfume scent and fruity is just way too sweet for me. The combination of the floral and fruity makes it light and fresh, but just as the description says, there is still a boldness about it. The notes as written on the website are: 
Top Notes: Strawberry, Apple Blossom, Pink Grapefruit 

Mid Notes: Jasmine Petals, Day Lily, Rose 

Base Notes: Violet Leaf, White Oak Moss, Amber Wood

I don't know anything about perfume or formulating it, but as I read the notes it makes sense: the strongest notes are the fruity scents, then the floral and the base notes are a little more earthy and give it that strong boldness.

My only complaint about this perfume is that the scent does not last all day, or even that long at all, really. I don't think it comes in a rollerball, either, which would really be nice for a scent like this. It's okay though, I'm still completely happy that I bought it so that I can smell like it and look at it, haha :)

Does anybody else own one of these two or have one you think I might like?  Let me know!

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