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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Revlon Hair Dryer and Styler

I was on Ulta's website one night and randomly saw this Revlon Hair Dryer and Styler. There were no reviews on the Ulta website and I didn't look any up, I just decided I'd get it and hope for the best!

I have thick wavy/curly hair that takes a long time to dry, particularly if I'm trying to dry it straight. If I don't use a brush while I'm drying my hair then it'll end up like an actual lions mane. My hope was that this tool might make the drying process easier because I wouldn't have to have a brush in one hand and the hair dryer in the other- it's do-able, but tiring!

So basically, I love thing thing. I haven't used my regular hair dryer since I got this. I let my hair air dry 50-70% of the way, just because it's healthier, and then I finish it off with this. It's no heavier than a regular hair dryer, but it's so nice that you're only holding one tool! As you can see, it has the "Cool," "Low," and "High" settings that are typical and the brush itself is a good size. Even though it's a paddle brush and not a round brush, I still find that I'm able to get my hair decently straight with it. It's much more straight and calm than when I use my regular hair dryer. I still have to use my straightener but the point is that it makes the drying process easier and my hair comes out looking nicer.

My only complaint about it is that the hot air only blows out of the top half of the brush. I wish that it came out of the whole brush because I have to make sure that the top half of the brush is getting through the wet areas, but overall I'm still very happy with this.

I know that this isn't a "new" idea and these types of things have been around for a while, but I never see anyone talking about them. I would imagine that if you have short hair this would be perfect for you, but I have thick hair that's a mid-length and it works great for me too. I'd definitely recommend trying this if you dislike drying your hair!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Make Up Eraser

The Original Make Up Eraser Makeup Remover

The Original Make Up Eraser Makeup Remover Cloth

After washing.
I had seen reviews of this product, the MakeUp Eraser, claiming it was magic and it somehow removes all of your makeup without additional product. I've tried several makeup removal methods, but the one that always stuck for me was using a baby wipe (cheaper than makeup wipes) for my face makeup and dipping a section of the wipe in eye makeup remover to get off my eye make up. What I never liked about the baby wipe method is that it's cold! I'd even thought about buying a baby wipe warmer because of it- haha! The baby wipe worked pretty well, especially the fragrance free ones, and I switched to baby wipes because you get a lot more in each package. However, I wear makeup every day and I was still having to buy them frequently.

I decided to give this a go around Christmas. You have to wash it before the first use. When you're ready to use it, you just run it under water, ring it out and it's ready. 

I can say that it does really work. It gets all of my makeup off, including eye makeup fairly easily. It's a long cloth, so I just work my way down it every night and I wash it once or twice a week and that seems to work fine for me. Also, one side is soft and smooth and the other side has a little texture to it for exfoliating. It doesn't come completely stain free in the wash, but it is clean, there's not caked up makeup left behind. I'm also happy that you use warm water with it so no more cold wipe on my face!

The only thing about it is that it is just a soft micro fiber cloth, there's no product on it...it kind of makes me feel like, "why didn't I think of that??" At Sephora, it's $20 and being that it's just a microfiber cloth, that is pretty expensive. Still, though, it's nice to have because it's re-useable so that means no more wipes and no more eye makeup remover. I imagine that after a while it'll get worn out and you will have to repurchase it, but I still think that it's worth trying and having.

How do you remove your makeup?
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Monday, February 15, 2016

Snow Day OOTD

A couple of weeks ago I was one of the lucky people whose area got about 30 inches of snow dumped on them in a couple of days! I love to watch snow fall because where I'm from originally it didn't snow very often so it was always a treat to get to see it. It's just so peaceful and pretty. Also, I don't know about your neighborhoods, but in mine no one really talks to each other too much, just friendly waves here and there. However, when it snows it's almost like a bonding activity that takes place while everyone shovels themselves out- kind of funny! :)

The only think I don't love about snow is that for a couple of days it's usually too dangerous to drive anywhere so you start to get a little cabin fever. It's really just that feeling of knowing you can't leave that makes it so much worse! So, to try to combat that a little, we got bundled up and took a little walk in our neighborhood to at least get out of the house for a few minutes.

I got these awesome fleece-lined leggings that are made for winter sports off of Amazon and I put a pair of stretchy black pants over the top for even more warmth. I wore my longer puffy coat over top, which I love because it helps keep my legs warmer too. Also, by the way my coat is from Costco, just like my boots that I got there last year! And yes, I had to buy THE blanket scarf that is a pre-rec. for every fashion blogger (or pretend fashion blogger in my case) to own. Surprisingly, I have only worn it maybe twice? Not sure I'm a fan of how large it is!

We're supposed to get a little more snow tomorrow! Have you gotten any where you live so far this year?

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