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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hot or Not? Maybelline Fit Me! Shine Free Foundation

I know that this is still a fairly new foundation that has launched and a lot of people are still trying it, so I thought that I'd share my opinion.

Initially, I was attracted to this foundation because I heard pretty good things about it, and because I have never tried a stick foundation but started to think about how fast and easy it would make putting on foundation. Also, it has the anti-shine core which would be great for me as someone with oily skin.

Unfortunately, I have to say that I was not a fan once I tried it- at all. I didn't even take pictures of what it looked like on my face before I returned it, but believe me, it was bad. First of all, I had a hard time choosing a shade because I'm always one of the two lightest colors and out of the two in this line, one was pink on the outside and yellow on the inside, and the other was yellow on the outside and pink on the inside. I saw other reviews that said this helped neutralize everything on your skin, but my face looked very and unnaturally pink; the foundation didn't match my undertone at all and made it look all wrong.

Secondly, while I did like the way that it felt powdery on my skin, it creased terribly around my mouth, under my eyes and on my eyelids especially, and all within an hour or two. I had to return it because I tried several things to get it to look good and stay looking good and never succeeded. I also had a hard time getting coverage out of it without layering too much of it on and making it look patchy because of the powder finish. Also, it was definitely not shine-free for long.

For me, this is not a product I would recommend, but I don't think I've heard anyone who had the same experience with this foundation as I did. Let me know if you have tried this one out and what your own experience was with it!

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