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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Late to the Party: Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Mascara

I don't know if anyone else is like me, but I tend to get caught up in the new products that come out and the next time I need a new product (in this case mascara) I'll gravitate toward the new displays rather than considering all the options. Or, I'll get something that I know I once loved in an attempt to not be fussy. It is true, though, that at one point The Falsies mascara was one of those new products but generally, I only have two mascaras at a time: one waterproof and one non-waterproof; knowing this I can only assume those two needs were met when the Falsies rolled around and just like that I skipped over it and never looked back.

After watching so many of Tanya Burr's videos on her YouTube channel, Pixi2woo, and seeing her almost always using the Falsies in her tutorials, it became something I knew I had to try.

So finally, I did.

The first thing I want to talk about here is the brush. As you can probably tell it is slightly curved and this is supposed to fit in line with your lashes and make the application more seamless. For me though, it creates two problems: 1) it doesn't get to the root of my lashes and if you look carefully (not that many people will be this close to my face, but it's worth a mention) you can tell that the base of some lashes aren't covered, and 2) it gets the mascara on my eyelid, which I really can't stand with mascara brushes because it can be difficult to remove without messing up the lashes and I don't always wear eyeliner so I can't just cover it up.

The wand itself has two areas in it that allow it to bend, I suppose to give more flexibility, but again, I don't find this helpful. It isn't sturdy enough and I don't feel I have the control that I like to have.

Despite all of this, I actually really do like this mascara. No really, I do. The formula is pretty wet, but over time it will dry out a bit and I think I'll like it even more. Even though the spoon shaped brush isn't very helpful, I do like that it isn't a completely oversized brush like so many others that I've tried, including Maybelline's The Rocket, because that too, gets messy. (It just so happened my second mascara at the moment is my waterproof mascara and has a very wide brush!)

For me, a good mascara is one that gives length and volume, though length is most important to me. What I like about the Falsies is that it does give A LOT of length, but it has just enough volume that your lashes won't look spidery.

 If you want to build it up you can't wait too long to do that because it will clump. What I generally do is apply a really good first coat and by the time I'm done coating all of my lashes the first lashes that were coated are dry enough (but not too dry) and I move right into applying a second coat.

I got this mascara in Blackest Black in case you were wondering and overall, I do really enjoy it although, I have to say I don't believe it's my favorite because of the wand/brush combo.

I'm really curious to know what you think about this mascara! Are you like me and have always passed it up for newer models? Do they make a Falsies without the spoon brush? Also, I think "Late to the Party" is going to be a series because there are so many products that I see that I've never tried and have always wanted to because they are so talked about. :)

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