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Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall Favorites!

1. Boots- I love wearing boots in the fall months. It's so nice to have a change from sandals and flats and they're so chic!

2. Comfy/Festive Shirts- I wore this shirt in my last OOTD post. I LOVE plaid shirts, something about them is so festive and gets me in the holiday spirit! I don't tend to wear a lot of color, so I think that's part of what makes it so fun for me :)

3. Dark Nail Polish- The pictured nail polish isn't one of my favorites (I had to throw a lot of mine out because they dried up!) I recently picked up a new dark purple/almost black nail polish that's a dupe of one of my higher end favorites and I've been wearing it constantly. Dark polishes just feel so cool and sleek!

4. Knowing that the Holidays are coming!- I love getting Christmas catalogues in the mail and seeing all of the decorations come out in anticipation of the season!

5. Hot Chocolate- I'm such a hot chocolate person...It gets me in the holiday spirit and I love cuddling up in a blanket with a Christmas movie and a mug of hot chocolate!

6. Bright Eyes & Dark Lips Makeup looks- My favorite look to do in the fall is dark lips with full lashes, light eyeshadow and a bunch of inner corner highlight.

7. Warm fall scents for the home- Nothing's better than warm, earthy scents this time of year!

8. The colors & decor- It's so fun to decorate with oranges, yellows, pumpkins and sunflowers!

What are some of your fall favorites??

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Plaid & Leather

Plaid Shirt: Old Navy, Infinity Scarf: Old Navy (Similar), Leather Jacket: Bernardo (Costco!), Black Skinnies: Love Fire (Belk-old), Boots: Michael Kors (New Version)

I had been wanting a plaid shirt for such a long time, but I can be a bit picky about the size of the pattern, the colors, etc. When I saw Old Navy's plaid shirts, though, I knew I would find something that would work and I did! I love the colors of the one I chose; I feel like they pop but are still cozy for fall. The material is also super soft and not restricting at all like some button downs can be. I paired it with a thermal that you can't see for some warmth and this faux leather jacket I got from Costco! 

A faux leather jacket is another item I've wanted for a long time but I'm also picky about. I wanted something cool and classic looking, but without too much hardware and no collar. Surprisingly, I was walking to the checkout at Costco and spotted this in the women's section and jumped all over it for only $25! The material of this is also soft, not plastic-y and I went up a size so that I could wear sweaters, hoodies, etc. under it and still be comfortable. 

I added the gray infinity scarf for warmth, again, but also to add a little dimension of color because I had so much black on. On the bottom, I'm just wearing my usual black skinnies and these MK boots. I really like how the boots have the brown at the top because it broke up all the black and made the outfit warmer toned (in terms of color) for fall.

Fall is my absolute favorite season to dress for! What are some of your staples in your fall wardrobe?

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara

Yes, I have yet another mascara review for you...I was pretty unhappy with my Miss Manga by Loreal so I decided to grab a different one to try before I even finished that one (something I rarely do). I've had pretty good luck with Revlon mascara in the past so I decided to try their Bold Lacquer one in the Grow Luscious line.

For starters, I'm a big fan of the packaging. The tube itself is really pretty and has a more expensive look to it, which is definitely not a bad thing.

This mascara is a lengthening and volumizing mascara that's lacquer film technology is supposed to coat your lashes with a deep, rich color. I got mine in 001 Blackest Black, which is the color I go for in any mascara that I buy. I don't really know what goes into this "lacquer formula" but I wouldn't say it's any more rich in color than any other Blackest Black mascara. It is a nice dark black, but I wouldn't say that's its selling point.

Revlon mascaras in my experience tend to have large brushes, as does this one. I like the shape of the brush, being slightly tapered toward the end making it easier to get into the corners. The size of the brush also makes it easy to coat almost all of your lashes in each application, which I really like.

Revlon calls this a "lash stretch brush", which again, I don't completely understand, but it's supposed to pull the "lengthening fibers" from root to tip to give a long and full lash. I can definitely tell that there are fibers in the formula that do help to achieve a longer lash, but at the same time, my lashes can tend to get clumpy especially if I'm really trying to get a lot of length.

Overall, I think the mascara does have a nice bold color and provides length & volume, but the downfall of it for me is that it flakes terribly. If I looked at my face 5 times during the day, I'd say that 4 of those times I have little black flakes under my eyes and for that reason I won't repurchase this.

Mascara is one of my favorite items of makeup to try out and to use so I'm considering getting myself one of the mascara collections Sephora brings out at the holidays. Have you guys tried these? What did you think about them if you have?

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