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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

One-store Farmhouse Style: Kirkland's

Open Face Clock// Boxwood Topiary// Gold Crackle Lamp//Black Rocking Chair// Small Black Lantern// Large Lantern// Crescent Basket// Console Table
If you've turned your TV on lately or have been on the internet AT ALL you would've seen Farmhouse style as all the rage in home decorating. I'm a fan. I am. I love rustic pieces, white washes, iron, black accents, it's just all around a cozy feel. I've been incorporating this style into my home decor, but I also like a little sparkle and a little glam, lucky for me they play well off of each other!

We've been looking at houses recently, we're in no rush to move, just keeping our eyes out. Even looking, though, has given me the itch to design new spaces and come up with new "themes" for rooms (If you know me you know I'm all about a theme, from birthday parties to gift wrapping).

I love making inspiration boards so to do this I decided to turn to my favorite store for finding well-priced, good quality pieces: Kirkland's! I don't live very close to an actual store, so I've got my eye on some things for when I go home at Thanksgiving!

I really enjoy doing one-store boards like this so I did another one with all Kirkland's pieces that I'll be posting soon :)

What do you think about farmhouse style?

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Dressing for Fall with Tobi Part 2!

Okay, so funny story...I knew that I loved plaid, but I didn't realize that it was taking over my wardrobe until I looked at these photos collectively. I hope you guys are ready for this because I've managed to accessorize all 3 outfits in today's post with plaid hahaha :)

I love this first dress so much. I knew it was going to be a versatile piece when I chose it and it has proven that to be true. I wore it a few weeks ago when it was still hot outside styled more for summer and it was great, it's got the 3/4 sleeves so it's appropriate for fall and stripes are "in" all year so it's incredibly easy to make it work with anything, anytime. I decided to pair it with *the* blanket scarf for some pattern mixing and to give it more fall vibes on a day that ended up warming up a bit, with some flats and it was just perfect.

Striped dress from Tobi with plaid scarf and studded shoes.

Striped dress from Tobi with plaid scarf and studded shoes

Striped dress from Tobi with plaid scarf and studded shoes

Striped dress from Tobi with plaid scarf and studded shoes

Striped dress from Tobi with plaid scarf and studded shoes
Partner in Crime Striped Dress 
We ended up going to a local farm and picked apples for the first time last weekend so I was so excited to do that! We got up extra early so it was nice and chilly outside so I decided to wear this fleece shirt with the cut out shoulders. Let me tell you guys...this shirt is WARM! I know the shoulders are cut out, but it's really cozy. Again, I decided to tie a plaid shirt around my waist for some color and to feel more "fall". I'm sorry, I know I need to bust out a thesaurus because I keep saying it, but I just loved this top and this outfit.

Cold Shoulder Cut Out Fleece Sweater from Tobi with LL Bean Boots

Cold Shoulder Cut Out Fleece Sweater from Tobi with LL Bean Boots

Cold Shoulder Cut Out Fleece Sweater from Tobi with LL Bean Boots

Cold Shoulder Cut Out Fleece Sweater from Tobi with LL Bean Boots

Cold Shoulder Cut Out Fleece Sweater from Tobi with LL Bean Boots

Cold Shoulder Cut Out Fleece Sweater from Tobi with LL Bean Boots
Georgia Cold Shoulder Fleece Sweater

The last outfit I have not had a chance to wear yet but I can't wait to! It's this chic black dress with a scalloped hemline. For fall, I will have to pair it with my favorite booties and this plaid cape I got last year. The cape comes down to the perfect place on the dress so that the scalloped hemline still pokes through at the bottom. I couldn't resist the scallops, I mean, come on...

Wonder Why Scallop Shift Dress

So that's it for this Tobi collab! It was so fun for me and I'm so pleased with the pieces that I chose. Overall, I'm super impressed with the items and the quality and I would 100% recommend that you guys check them out on their website http://www.tobi.com/!

What was your favorite outfit??
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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dressing for Fall with Tobi!

I'm actually obsessed with everything you're going to be seeing in today's post and my next post. The lovely people at Tobi (http://www.tobi.com/) were kind enough to send me some items for fall and I couldn't be happier with my selections.

First up is this cowl neck sweater dress. This dress is SO soft for starters. The back is completely open which I was unsure about but I just loved the front so much that I knew I could work with it. Now that I have it, I actually love the open back because it's a great way to showcase an interesting top like I did here with stripes, but you could also leave it open or just wear something plain underneath. I want to try it with a camouflage top underneath, I think that would be a fun contrast! I just want to cuddle up and do festive fall things when I'm wearing this one :) 

Ayda Cowl Neck Sweater Dress// Thrifted turquoise ring// Pandora ring// Boots

The second dress for today I love so much because of the color and the waffle knit. Also, it's a shift dress, which is my favorite, and it has pockets! Basically I just love everything about this dress #sorrynotsorry.

I'm a big fan of booties and dresses for this transitional time of year so that's how I decided to pair these pieces.

Corlette Pocket Shift Dress// Cardigan// Booties// Forever 21 Necklace-Old// Steve Madden Bag- Old

What are some of your go-to pieces for fall? And stay tuned for my next post with more fall outfit ideas!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

First Pumpkin Spice Latte of the Season

A few weekends ago I woke up and it was slightly chilly outside and Pumpkin Spice Lattes had just come back out. Being the pumpkin lover that I am, I got up, got ready and was off to get my first one of the season! Not that this post is necessarily about the drink, but I did opt for the iced version because as you can see, it was still warm enough for shorts and sandals.

It was such a gorgeous day outside so we decided to go for a stroll around the lake and sip on our yummy fall drinks.

I actually quite liked this outfit despite how simple and kind of boring it was. I was just wearing my J Crew black shorts, a plain black tank and this really cute oatmeal colored cardigan that I got from...Costco! Sometimes you can find some really nice gems at good ol' Costco. Fun fact: this was the first time I wore black on black in literally years. I used to wear black on black everyday because I got into the habit when I worked at Ulta and I loved it so much for a period of time even my professors (in large lectures, at that) would comment on how much I must love wearing black!

What is your go-to comfy outfit on these days transitioning from one season to another?
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer

Recently I was looking for a new foundation. As I wandered around I knew I wanted something paraben free and I always go for something with medium coverage. I ran across this Tarte Amazonian Clay BB tinted moisturizer and decided to try it out on my hand because I know BB creams vary a lot in how much coverage they provide. Once I swatched it I liked the color (they had a good color selection, by the way) and it seemed to have decent coverage so I went ahead and purchased it.

Unfortunately once I got it home and tried it out on my face it wasn't what I was looking for. My skin is very fair and while my skin has been healing, I have leftover acne marks and on my face this product barely provided any coverage at all. I know it's a tinted moisturizer, but the texture seemed like it would have provided a bit more coverage. I did wear it with some concealer and it was nice, just not what  I need day to day.

If you are looking for something with light coverage that is free of some of those more harmful ingredients this might be up your alley! Let me know what you thought of this if you've tried it or what your favorite foundation has been lately :)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Home Decor Updates!

Hey, everyone! I've been doing some little projects around the house and I thought I would compile them and show you guys some of the updates! If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen most of these, if not, you can click the link in the top right corner of the page :)
First up is the laundry room. 

This isn't anything new, however I finally got around to taking some photos! The laundry sign off to the right shows all of the symbols found on clothing tags and what they mean! It's from Hobby Lobby and I thought it was obviously appropriate :) Also, the jar of clothespins is probably one of the easiest ways to add a little something to your laundry room that's cute and actually makes sense as a "decor" item in a laundry room.

Next is the DIY wreath we hung over the console table. I've been wanting a magnolia wreath for quite a while now, however they can be pricey! I spent $15 and made this one myself...it's not the best out there, but it's good enough for me, especially with the savings of doing it myself! (Sorry the picture is so weird with the coloring and the shadows, I took it as soon as we got it hung because I was excited haha :)

Last but not least, is our guest bedroom. We finally ordered matching nightstands for this room, I added a couple of throw pillows since I did an update, re-made the "Be Our Guest" sign and added a couple of accessories. I really love this room, it feels fun and cozy at the same time. And I'm still really into the way the  monochrome look that we went for with just a few pops of color turned out.

That's it on the home updates for now. We've got a big change happening in our living room soon so I'll be sure and do a post when the time comes!

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Going Blonde Part I

As you may have noticed, I've been going blonde. My natural hair color is dirty blonde, but for about 10 years I was coloring it very dark brown, almost black. I especially remember October 2014 that my roots were coming through and I needed to dye my hair, but I literally didn't feel like it- that started this entire process! I had been wanting to go back blonde for a while, however, I knew it was going to be an expensive and time consuming process!

I thought I would document my progress here for you all and maybe it'll help someone thinking of going blonde!

To start, some pictures to jog your memory:

August 2013

August 2014

Like I said, in October 2014 I started to let my roots grow in so by December my hair looked like this: 
December 2014
In May 2015 I started the process of actually lightening my hair.  I think we bleached it all over, which is definitely not great for your hair but you do have to strip the color out. I don't know much about hair but it's probably the fastest way to get to a lighter color without having to get stark highlights throughout. I will say that it did take a few times to get the orangey color out of it and I still had to get a glaze applied to it to even the color out. This is what it looked like right after the glaze:

It wasn't the color I was going for, but blonde does take time so I left it this way for about two months to give it a break.

That's it for Part I! Happy Friday!
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