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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Photo Diary: August

Hello Everyone! I've snapped a few pictures across the month of August and I thought I'd share. I don't take enough pictures in a week to do a week in pictures post, but I think a monthly recap post would be fun, so here we go!

1. We went into a brand new Pier 1 and they had Halloween stuff set up already! I love holiday decor :)

2. I had never had a macaron before so I found a bakery near us and we went on an adventure to find it. It was really cute and family owned. We ended up getting pistachio, mango, coconut almond and raspberry. I loved them, especially the coconut almond. The flavors were subtle, but I loved the texture, they're chewy, but a little crunchy on the outside- it was just so interesting!

3. At the same bakery they had Pumpkin Cream Cheese cupcakes and of course we had to try those. I love pumpkin so much and it was delicious!

4. Umm, yeah, another dessert photo, haha. It's an original glazed doughnut. We were on our way somewhere else and made a surprise pit-stop!

5. My drive home! I loved the scenery- so pretty!

6. I had to get food at this fast food restaurant while I was home. I got chicken strips, hush puppies and a corndog. The corndog counts as a side, which is crazy and amazing.

7. On my way back from home I listened to sTori Telling by Tori Spelling, which I really liked. It was my first time listening to a book in the car and I really liked it! I just love Tori Spelling!

8. We've been packing slowly but surely. We move at the beginning of next week so I know this weekend we're gonna be pretty busy packing everything we haven't been able to so far!

9. I had these purple ruffle pillows from my college apartment and the map pillows are my boyfriends and I needed to get the purple pillows off of a shelf so I put them like this on the couch and I'm not sure, but I liked how they looked! I probably won't leave them like this but I like the masculine/feminine look.

Last thing...I want to leave you with this video. This guys name is Alex and he's married to Mimi from LuxyHair. He makes very inspirational videos and I've been needing some encouragement recently as looking for a job after college can be so discouraging!
I hope this video or maybe one of his others can help you guys like they've helped me.

Let me know what you guys think about my pictures from August and also let me know if you watch this video and what you thought!



  1. great post! that doughnut looks so delish lol! I love all of your food pictures!
    Modern Beauty Girl

    1. It really was! Haha, thanks! I was slightly embarrassed there's several food photos and it's all really unhealthy! Luckily it was the span of the month :)

      Ivy xx

  2. great post & great blog!

    I've nominated you for a Leibster award over on my blog! xo


    1. Thank you, but I've already done it!

      Ivy xx

  3. Hmm, the doughnut looks good what did you use to make your photo diary? x x



    1. It was delicious! I used the Collage option on Picasa :)



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