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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tour: My Vanity!

Good Morning, everyone! Since I graduated from college I have been without a place to properly put on my makeup. In college I turned my desk into a vanity all 4 years because I hate doing my makeup out of a makeup bag and I like to be able to sit down while applying it. I wanted a place then, and now, to lay out all of my products and organize them in the order that I put them on my face.

After continuous searching, I finally made up my mind that this is the vanity that I wanted. It's the MALM Dressing Table from Ikea in white. I love it in white, I think it makes it even more feminine looking. I also like that it has a long drawer for storage.

As you can see, these are closer pictures of what I have on the top of the vanity. I try to keep it minimal and un-cluttered. I was really surprised when I went to the Dollar Store a few weeks ago and I even did a post on some storage containers I found (check it out here). While I was there, I found the glass containers which is exactly what I was looking for. I think look so nice and the glass is really thick for a dollar!

The clear storage cube has the products that I've been reaching for the most lately. I have it organized by the order that I put the products on my face and I can do my entire routine solely from these drawers if I wanted to.

I'm not going to talk about each product, because even though I don't have THAT much stuff, it would take forever!

In this section, I used a divider tray that I already had and in the back left corner I have some powder puffs and sharpeners. Next to that, I have products that I don't use often, like eyeshadow palettes, gel liners, etc. In the middle section I have a couple of powders, foundation, concealers and a couple of Benefit highlighters that had no other home!
 Up front I have a few disposable sponges, a hand sanitizer, a couple of sample packets and Q-tips, which I use pretty much every day when I do my eye-makeup. Lastly, I have a section that I put extra mascaras and eyeliners in.
I got these white trays from Walmart for super inexpensive and they work perfectly. Here you can see I have a tray of different types of bronzers (except for my Soap & Glory powder) and next to that is a tray of blushes.
And finally on this end, I have a tray of lipglosses, lipsticks and lipliners to finish off my makeup.
I also have some regular headbands and some fabric headbands at the end here because I was planning on also bringing my hair tools in here and doing my hair and makeup sitting at the vanity, but I haven't done that yet, so for now these are here. If I take the hair accessories out, though, it's nice to know that I have some room to grow with my makeup if I wanted to.

So that is the tour of my vanity. As you can see, I have more makeup than your average girl probably does but no where near the amount that you see some of the Youtube beauty gurus have in their collections. I like how I have this organized and the fact that everything is laying flat and nothing is really on top of each other so I can see everything I have. Of course, if I expand my "collection" I could stack products and still have room in the drawer for more products.

I still have a few changes to make that will happen eventually such as getting a new mirror (the light bulb burned out and is useless now), but luckily I'm in front of two windows so the lighting hasn't been an issue yet, and I don't have a chair to match. I've just been using a desk chair.

Hopefully this was helpful in some way. I know I like to see how other people have their things organized. Let me know your setup and if you have any comments or suggestions for me! 


  1. Thanks for the comment pointing me to your blog. This is a great setup. I love the white vanity!

    I'm a new follower now too!


    1. Thank you for coming and checking it out!


  2. Everything is so organized! I really love how neat it looks!
    Modern Beauty Girl

    1. Yes, I have to be organized or I'll go crazy, haha. Thanks!


  3. really cute blog!!! xx

    1. Thank you! Thanks for your comment, I'm following your blog now!



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