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Monday, September 9, 2013

Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream- Combination to Oily Skin

I never really jumped on the BB Cream bandwagon, simply because I like coverage and it's difficult to find a BB Cream with coverage. I've bought two BB Creams since they began to come out, the first was the original Garnier and the second was the Olay Fresh Effects. There was many months inbetween the two purchases, but I returned them both. They had no coverage (I didn't expect full coverage, but for me, it's pointless to put something on my face that does absolutely nothing), and they made my skin SO oily looking.

After hearing that the Garnier BB Cream for combination to oily skin was nothing like its predecessor, I made a mental note to get it at some point and try it out. What gave me the push to actually purchase it was when I went to Target and they didn't have the shade of Revlon Colorstay that I was looking for, so here we are :)

The shade I bought was Light/Medium and right away I noticed how runny it was. It literally just seeps out of the tube.

Surprisingly, despite the thin and runny texture, this product had really nice coverage. I still used a concealer over certain places, but I do that anyway.  As you can see from the swatch below in natural light, it dries to a pretty matte finish, not nearly as shiny or oily looking as the original.

It applies very easily. I used my fingers, which I never do, but it seemed to work the best with this product. It lasted throughout the day and continued to look nice, although I could see some signs of wear, but for a product that isn't technically a foundation, and doesn't claim to be long-wearing, I was impressed.

Unfortunately, the only reason I went to purchase a new foundation in the first place was because the one I was using was too dark for me and no matter what I did, my face was noticeably darker than my neck. I really wish Garnier had an even lighter shade than Light/Medium because I had to discontinue use of it because I was still having the same problem.

If your skintone is within their shade range, I would definitely recommend this product. I think it would actually work with with all skin types, not just combination to oily because it isn't a completely matte finish (but it's enough to satisfy combo-oily skin people), and it doesn't cling to dry patches. Also, it is SPF 20 and is a great value for the price because you get 20 fl oz (60 ml), which is double the amount of a regular foundation for around $11.

Have you guys tried this product? What do you think of BB Creams? Let me know!

Check this one out here.


  1. I love this product , my favorite BB cream by far !


    1. I know! I remembered your review before I bought it! I just wish it was a better color match for my skin :(


  2. I always heard great things about this product, and you've just convinced me to give it a shot! I hope that the color matches me, though!
    Modern Beauty Girl

    1. I'm sure as long as it matches you, you'll love it!



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