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Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Hydration Series Post 4: Hair Hydration

Hair Hydration
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I don't know about you guys, but my hair is dry year-round. I use heat tools on my hair all the time and I try to give it a break when I can but sometimes it needs a little help. There are many different products you can use to give your hair some extra moisture like leave-in-conditioning sprays (I love Aussie's) or deep conditioners (Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle and L'Oreal's new Damage Erasing Balm are both great) but I wanted to go a different route. Oils are so popular right now and the Macadamia Natural Oil brand in general so I'm going to share my thoughts on two of their products: the Healing Oil Treatment and the Nourishing Leave-In Cream.

The Healing Oil Treatment is good for all hair types but works specifically well with dry, damaged hair. Macadamia says the product is instantly absorbed and it infuses your hair with nutrients and moisture for frizz-free, shiny, healthy looking hair. Also, they say if you use it while your hair is wet, it reduces drying time up to 40-50%! My hair is definitely dry and damaged and what I like to do is after I've finished styling it, I'll put the smallest amount on my fingers and run them through my hair to make everything smooth, tame fly-aways and make it look like my hair looks really nice and it was effortless (which we all know it wasn't...).

I don't typically use the Oil Treatment when my hair is wet so I can't say if I think it reduces drying time, although I will say that I never did notice it the couple of times I did that back in the day. What I really love about this product is that sometimes my second day hair can look a little messy and stringy, but I take a little of the oil and run it through and it makes it look rejuvenated and fresh. Because you will only need a tiny amount when you apply it, if you've never tried this before I would recommend you go with the 1 fl.oz. size to try it out. I've had mine for over a year and I have a good amount left. I think next time I purchase this product, though, I will go for the one that's a spray because I really don't like pouring the product into my hands, so that's something to consider as well.

First thing about the Nourishing Leave-In Cream is that is smells so good! I can't really explain the smell except that to me, it's not too strong and it's pleasant. This product is a conditioning texture cream that is infused with oils to moisturize, tame and add softness and shine to your hair. Part of the reason I love applying it so much is because I love the smell, but I notice a big difference in the texture of my hair when I use it; my hair is really soft and smooth and my ends feel hydrated, not dry and brittle.

From what I've tried, I think Macadamia Natural Oil has a great line of products. I am more impressed with some than others, and even though they are more expensive than your typical drugstore products, these two particular products are ones that you won't need to use everyday and even small sizes will last you a long time so I really recommend you try them out!

Healing Oil Treatment: Link!
Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner: Link!

Let me know your thoughts on this brand, these products or how you hydrate your hair! :)


  1. I've been seriously loving all your winter remedies! Have a great weekend, stay warm!

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  4. Thanks so much for the recommendation! My apartment is crazy overheated, so my hair has been super dry. Blah! Thanks again :)



    1. Ah, that's no good! Either of these will totally help with that! Thanks for reading :)


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