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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter Hydration Series Post 2: Olay vs. Trader Joe's Moisturizers

Olay vs. Trader Joe's Moisturizers
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Have you guys seen the "Epic Rap Battles of History" on YouTube? Some of them are pretty hilarious and when I was planning this post I couldn't help myself, hehe ;)

This is the second post in my Winter Skin Hydration Series and as you can see, it's a comparison of the Olay Complete Facial Moisturizer and the Trader Joe's Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion.

Several months ago, I was in Trader Joe's buying Pumpkin Spice (it's the cheapest place I could find it believe it or not!) and I found this moisturizer on the same aisle (again, believe it or not, haha). I thought it looked really similar and had the same claims to the Olay Complete Moisturizer that I've used for years so I brought it home to try it out.

From a packaging standpoint, they are the same size, although you can buy the Olay in larger than 4 oz, but the bottles are about the same size and shape. I do prefer the Trader Joe's because you don't have to unscrew the entire cap to squeeze out the product, it has the top that when you press down on one side it pops the top making it quick and easy. The actual products look the exact same as well, just a plain white moisturizer.

They both have UVA/UVB protection and an SPF of 15.
Both are fragrance free (besides the smell of the sunscreen) and PABA free and claim to be non comedogenic.
Trader Joe's is enriched with Vitamins A, C & E. Olay has Vitamin E and Aloe.
Trader Joe's is Cruelty Free and the Olay bottle says nothing about that. (Olay is made by P & G if you want to research their practices for yourself.)

I always found that the Olay took several minutes to fully sink in enough to where I could start applying my makeup and the Trader Joe's takes much less time. I also haven't had a problem with breakouts using either product. The Trader Joe's Moisturizer costed me $3.99 and although it is on sale at several places online right now, the Olay Moisturizer will cost you at least $6.00 and I would regularly pay around $8.00.

Overall, they both moisturize my face really well. They sink in nicely and don't feel sticky or tacky at all. I like that Olay has a long reputation for being a good product, but I think I'll stick to my Trader Joe's Moisturizer for a while. It has all of the same benefits as the Olay and I prefer the packaging and the price.

Have you guys tried either of these? Let me know what you think of them if you have!


  1. I have heard wonderful things about the Trader Joe's Moisturizer! I will have to try it out :)

    1. Really? I had never heard of it before! You should try it!

  2. These both sound fantastic. I hadn't heard of the Trader Joe's one until now. I think a lot of times with all we do to our face we forget about the skin on the rest of our bodies! Especially in the areas we shave. A lot of irritation is a result of women not using quality blades or changing them often enough. But who can blame them--have you seen the prices for replacement blades? We're a shaving company called Dorco and we want to change all that. Our quality razors cost up to 70% less than leading brands. And you don't have to sacrifice quality to save that much. Read what others think about our products and our prices at DorcoUSA.com. With Dorco, you can afford to change your blades often, and that means happier, healthier skin. We challenge you to do an "Epic battle of razor prices" and see the Dorco difference for yourself! :) Thanks again for such a great post, and for hearing us out!

  3. Great review. I've used the Olay one before but don't have a trader joes anywhere near me, but if I ever get to one I may want to try this one out!


    1. You should! It's a great price, you can't go wrong!

  4. Good to know! I use neurtrogena which I love, but I love hearing reviews!


  5. Awesome blog! Super liked it
    I'm following you on blogloving


  6. ha trader joes. did'nt even know they did skincare products. if they're as good as their edibles, then they're pretty good! glad you enjoyed this!
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I didn't know either! I was surprised when I saw it and how inexpensive it was :)


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