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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Santa's Bag Christmas Budget App

Blogmas Day 6

Today I wanted to share an App that I've been using to keep track of all of my Christmas gifts and spending. It's called "Santa's Bag" and it's free in the App store. I usually just keep track of everything in my head, but it's been so nice to have something visual that helps keep track for me. I've taken a few screenshots to give you guys an overview but if you need a bit of help budgeting for the holidays, I'd highly recommend you download it and try it out. This is in no way sponsored, I just found this App one day and I genuinely love using it and it's been so helpful!

You have the option to set a passcode in case you live with people you're buying gifts for so you don't have to worry about anyone getting too curious!

The menu screen shows every specification you can look at. You can see listing by Recipient, Gifts, Stores and then by Stocking Stuffers, etc. Depending on how you like to look at your lists, they have options to make it easy for everyone, which I love. I generally look at mine through the "Recipient" list.

You can set your Recipeint list up into groups of people so you don't look at an overwhelming list of people. As you can see, I have mine on this screen separated into my Dad's side and Friends. This screen also shows how many gifts you've purchased/ have left to purchased, what you've spent thus far and what the total spent is. If you look toward the bottom of this screen you'll see it says "Budget". If you hit that button it'll send a line underneath each name, either red or green, depending on if you've gone over budget or not and how much of your budget is left for that person, if any.

This screen is for my Secret Santa at work, which has a $25 spending cap. As you can see, it has each gift I planned on getting them, with the price (which can calculate tax if you want to) and icons that show if you've purchased, need to buy, ordered, out for deliver, etc. You can also list ideas and stocking stuffers, which I've found to be very helpful for planning.

Lastly, the "Overview" screen shows you a countdown to Christmas. It also shows your overall budget, how many gifts you've purchased, what you have left to spend etc. and whether or not you've gone over budget.

Personally, I'm not a numbers person and I love to give gifts so I can go a little crazy this time of year, but I'm so glad I found this App that's help me tremendously! There's quite a few other neat features that it has, but I just wanted to hit the high points. Let me know how you keep track of your holiday budget and if you plan on trying this out!

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1 comment:

  1. that app sounds so cool! I usually try to budget in an excel sheet, but this looks so much easier and nicer!
    Modern Beauty Girl


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