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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Garnier Cleansing Oil

When it comes to removing my makeup at night I'm not a "cleanse twice" kinda girl. I prefer to use some type of makeup remover first and then cleanse. I generally use a makeup remover wipe (lately I've switched to baby wipes) with a separate eye makeup remover. When I finished my last pack of wipes I decided I was due for a change and I was set on trying a facial oil.

I went to the drugstore because I knew Garnier had one out called, Garnier Clean Nourishing Cleansing Oilso I figured I'd give this one a try first to see how I liked it before venturing out to any more expensive options. 

This product is a dry skin formula with jojoba and macadamia oils. It claims to dissolve your makeup with no greasy residue and replenish your skin's moisture balance. Because my skin has been so dry this winter, it was definitely a plus to me that this product was infused with ingredients to help make my skin smoother. Another thing to note is that it has a pretty strong scent of macadamia oil- it's a nice scent and I like it, it's just something to keep in mind.

I've used this product two ways: the first way was based on the directions on the bottle which is to take 1-2 pumps (I always need at least 2) and massage on your dry face. You can even get your eye makeup off with this product as long as your close your eyes of course. I find this product very gentle and when I use it this way, my skin is definitely softer and smoother when I've removed all of my makeup. The downside of using it by massaging it over your face is that it's pretty messy. You'll need to rinse your face and your hands to get the oil off of everything and I really dislike that because the alternative, makeup wipes, are so easy and only one step.

The other way I tend to use it more frequently is by using about 2 pumps on a cotton pad and gently wiping that all over my face. The downside here is that your skin doesn't feel as soft afterwards and if you have dry patches on your face you're probably going to irritate them a little more.

Something I may start doing is just leaving this bottle in my shower and remove my makeup the "messy" way, but then I'll already be in the shower and the mess won't matter...That seems to be the only way to get the best of both worlds here.

Overall, I do think this is a pretty nice product and worth a shot if you're interested in trying an oil to remove your makeup. It does remove at least as much makeup as a makeup remover wipe does, and does even better than one of those for eye makeup.

Have you guys tried this or any other makeup remover oil? Let me know!

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  1. Great post! I'm always looking for better make up removers. I hate the oily feeling from most. I'm definitely going to have to try it!

    <3, Pamela

    1. It's definitely worth a try. I get bored with products so it's nice to switch it up!

  2. This looks really interesting, I love finding new skin care ideas, especially if they don't break the bank :)


  3. I haven't tried a makeup remover oil yet but this one sounds nice. I might give it a shot.


    1. I thought it would be interesting to try, you never know!

  4. I love using oils and balms to remove my make up. I'm currently using an oil and I do it the messy way over a sink. I take a bit, rub it between my hands and massage it all over my face and eyes to remove all my makeup. I don't use so much that it drips all over though, just enough to get a good massage going and remove my makeup. THen I remove it with a damp washcloth and go in with my 2nd cleanser.

    So glad you've been liking this one and I will definitely be giving it a try.


    1. That's exactly how I was doing it as well, except I really like your idea of using a damp washcloth to get it off of the skin, I'm definitely going to be trying it that way!

  5. This sounds really interesting! I haven't used a facial oil before, so I might get this one to try out!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  6. I need to try this product! :)



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