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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dress[ing] the Part for Spring

Dress[ing] the part for spring


The 8th post in the 2014 Blogger Challenge was a spring outfit of the day, but I haven't had time to put one together so I'm just going to count this as my 8th post!

I always look forward to spring/summer when I can put on a pretty dress and be out of the house! I love bright colors, pastels and crisp whites this time of year and I'm really wishing right about now that I could just reach through the screen and grab all of these for my closet! I'm loving the bright pink and orange, the chic mint, all the colors and the pattern in #4 and the feather bottom in #5! Most of all, I love how light an airy these all are, but also how put together you would look in them, especially with some accessories!

I honestly can't pick a favorite, can you? :)


  1. love, love, loveeee the color of #1!


  2. The soft blue dress is darling - that would probably be my favorite.


    1. I love that one too. The shape is so cute as well, it would be really versatile for day or night.

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it gorgeous?? Wrap dresses are so flattering and orange is so trendy for spring/summer!

  4. I love a good belted dress so #2 is my favorite. It's such a pretty shade of blue.

  5. I absolutely love all of these, especially 3 and 4!
    Modern Beauty Girl

    1. So do I! I love all of the colors, I bet any of these would be great for you in Hawaii! :)


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