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My name is Ivy...Welcome!

I'm a lover of all things beauty, fashion, design and desserts. I started this blog to be a place where I could discuss these things with people that are actually interested as opposed to giving people in my non-online life mini reviews of products when all they asked me was what a good BB cream is! (You and I know that's actually a loaded question...other people, not so much.)

I enjoy the creative process and seeing ideas come to fruition, which probably explains why I got an arts degree in film studies! I'm constantly working on one project and planning the next and while I try to eat healthy, I'm usually not too far away from some type of baked good.

Because my interests lie in many different places (aka I'm an expert in nothing ;) I want this blog to be a place where I can not only gab about things I like, but a place where I'm able to actually help others make good decisions whether it's about a foundation for oily skin, baking substitutions for a healthier treat or where to find high-end looking home decor pieces for a fraction of the cost (aka styling a lovely life.)

I'm so glad you're here, thank you so much for joining me!

xx Ivy

PR Policy

Valid from August 2014

This is my personal blog, which is written and edited by me.

All photography and images are my own unless otherwise stated.
If you are a company and would like me to review your product or participate in a campaign feel free to email me at the address below.
* I will only post my honest opinion about your product as I do with any product I review, whether it is purchased by me or sent to me. 
*Any products that are sent to me for review will be clearly stated within the post.
*I support large and small companies, but only if they fit the criteria of my blog.

Contact Email: stylelifelovely@gmail.com

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