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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

One-store Farmhouse Style: Kirkland's

Open Face Clock// Boxwood Topiary// Gold Crackle Lamp//Black Rocking Chair// Small Black Lantern// Large Lantern// Crescent Basket// Console Table
If you've turned your TV on lately or have been on the internet AT ALL you would've seen Farmhouse style as all the rage in home decorating. I'm a fan. I am. I love rustic pieces, white washes, iron, black accents, it's just all around a cozy feel. I've been incorporating this style into my home decor, but I also like a little sparkle and a little glam, lucky for me they play well off of each other!

We've been looking at houses recently, we're in no rush to move, just keeping our eyes out. Even looking, though, has given me the itch to design new spaces and come up with new "themes" for rooms (If you know me you know I'm all about a theme, from birthday parties to gift wrapping).

I love making inspiration boards so to do this I decided to turn to my favorite store for finding well-priced, good quality pieces: Kirkland's! I don't live very close to an actual store, so I've got my eye on some things for when I go home at Thanksgiving!

I really enjoy doing one-store boards like this so I did another one with all Kirkland's pieces that I'll be posting soon :)

What do you think about farmhouse style?

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  1. I have totally fallen in love with the farmhouse style decor. So much so that I have already been getting rid of a lot of our beach decor so I can re decorate. But we are looking to buy a new house right now and will hopefully be moved into a new home before next summer. So i cannot wait to re decorate a whole new home!!!

    1. That is so exciting! Everything you do is so cute, I can't wait to see how you decorate your new house!


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