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Monday, April 6, 2015

Welcoming Spring

This piece of furniture, lovingly referred to as "The Coscto Furniture", because that's where we bought it, gets redesigned all the time. For major holidays or events I'll decorate the entire house, but for smaller things like Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day or in this case just Spring in general, the only piece that really gets decorated in the house is the Costco furniture.

I love this piece of furniture and I know you've seen it before in my Christmas House tour, but I just love the color (unlike me), the style and the fact that it's a great size for the landing at the top of our stairs. I just love to decorate it because I feel like when you get to the top of the stairs it looks all cheery and it greets you as you come up.

The lantern and the metal sphere stay out all the time and just get thrown in with whatever decor I put there. As far as the banner, I decided to DIY it with some scrapbooking paper, mini clothes pins, glitter letters, twine and scrapbooking flower stickers. I think it turned out pretty cute and added a bit of color that it really needed. I really like the "cluttered" look on this piece of furniture. We're still adding furniture to our house, so it's really the only piece that I get to change with the seasons and I take full advantage of it!

I usually have fake flowers sitting there, but my mom was sweet enough to have these flowers sent to my work on the first day of spring so I couldn't resist adding that here.

Dresser- Costco
Mirror- Kirkland's
Burlap Runner- Target
Metal Lantern- Pier 1
Metal Sphere- TJ Max
Daisy Candle Holder- Bath and Body Works
Lady Bug jar- Marshall's
Silver mercury glass jar- Unknown (gift)
Glass Lantern- Kirkland's

I'm so happy it's finally spring! Now if the weather would only cooperate! :)
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  1. I really like your sense of style when it comes to interior decorating, all your room tours are always so fun and have so much personality.

    1. Thanks so much, Alex! I love decorating and showing you guys what I come up with :)

  2. One of my friends just recently bought that same pie e from Costco! I absolutely love it! Wish I had s place to put it in my new small cottage! Your decor is always so beautiful! Love these types of posts from u!

    1. Thanks, Julie, that's so sweet! I'm so glad you like these :) It's such a different piece for me, but I love it!

  3. What a fun way to welcome spring! I love the banner you added, looks adorable!

    Jenna l Clothed in Confetti


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