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Friday, January 16, 2015

Guest Bedroom Planning & Inspiration

Because we have some family coming to stay with us for a few days in February it has kicked us into high gear to FINALLY get our guest bedroom completed...or at least close to it. If you remember from months ago when we moved, we had the bedrooms painted and the guest room is a gray that I absolutely love. To me, it's a true mid-tone gray, it's not too blue or too brown, it's just a perfect gray.

Being the scared-of-color "decorator" that I am, I just have a hard time committing to an accent color so I decided that I would go for a monochromatic color scheme meaning grays, silvers, whites, etc. One night I went on Pinterest and I typed in "Guest Bedrooms" and this beautiful room came up:

It's pretty much exactly what I'm going for. Very soft colors, very cozy with just a hint of color in the flowers. Luckily for me, the photo led to a blog post (Dear Lillie Blog Inspiration) and she listed where she got very single piece in the room. JACKPOT!

I went and ordered the duvet and shams she has right away because they're gorgeous, the perfect color and were reasonably priced (unlike another set I found that I was contemplating buying :/)

I did want a little bit of color, and most colors look nice with gray, but I still couldn't decide. When I happened upon a particular pillow from Anthropologie, though, it didn't really matter because it has multi-colored tassels which I think is adorable.

My guest room inspiration board is below:

Guest BedroomPillow: Anthropologie, Chair: Wayfair, Headboard: Kirkland's, Duvet: Ballard Designs, Clock: Kate Spade, Print: Anthropologie, Side table/nightstand: Target

The pillow was a little on the expensive side to me, but it seemed like good quality and I just loved the tassels so I went for it. I wanted an accent chair for the room just because it's nice to have for guests so they have somewhere other than the bed to sit or put their jacket, etc and I was lucky enough to find the one picture from Wayfair during a 2-day sale they had. It's a gorgeous weathered gray color with cream cushions and padding and I'm so happy with it.

You can see the bedding, which I already spoke about, in addition to a gorgeous headboard, with a shape that I love and stud detailing to accent. I wanted to find a headboard that was also a mid-tone gray color similar to the wall because I already have a couple of wall accessories to make the area stand out. I love the print from Anthropologie because it's the exact same colors as the tassels in the pillow and I thought that would be a nice way to add more color.

The above picture is of the sunburst mirror that will be going above the headboard and two wall sconces to go on either side of the headboard. The sunburst mirror was a worn and weathered blue color when we bought it from Burlington Coat Factory, but it was only $20 so I didn't want to pass it up! We ended up sanding it and painting it white (and unfortunately having to replace the mirror several times) and it's been ready and waiting for months for us to get around to putting this room together. (Ignore the random stuff on the floor, we measured how much space the bed would take up and used random objects as guides.)

The wall sconces were another DIY project. I bought them from a thrift store for about $4 a piece and they were a dark, dingy gold color when I brought them home. We ended up spray painting them with a metallic silver spray paint and I think they're going to look amazing against the gray wall!

I'm so excited to see all of the pieces of this room come together and I'll definitely show you guys the finished product in a few weeks!

If you made it through this post you are a champ and I'm giving you a virtual high five!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I really like that sun mirror you bought. I read somewhere recently that you should always have a statement piece above your headboard when you have darker walls so that would be perfect.

    1. Good to know! I love how it looks against the wall color!

  2. that mirror is so pretty! I love that color scheme that you chose because grays and whites are classic and look so pretty!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  3. Ever since we bought our house over the summer, I have been obsessed with all things dealing with interior design/ home decorating. Love what you have planned for your guest bedroom!


    1. Same here! It's taken a long time, but we're making progress!

  4. Omg I LOVE IT ALL!!! I love decorating but I've always been scared to commit to a color as well! But I adore a true Gray as you chose. It's very classy to me and always trendy. Great job Ivy!!!!

    1. Thanks, Julie!! I'm so happy with the color! :)


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