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Monday, January 12, 2015

Fall/Winter Revlon Lip Butter Favorites!

Today I wanted to share with you guys two Revlon Lip Butters that were on my list for SO long. I remember trying to find them multiple times and them being out of stock, but my persistence has paid off and I now have them both!

The shades are Raspberry Pie and Pink Truffle. They are very similar in color to the lipstains I bought recently from Revlon- one is a berry color and the other a pinky/brown.  I love berry colors, but the Pink Truffle is one that I had seen on various bloggers/vloggers and never really cared for. Something clicked a few months ago and suddenly I was interested in the pinky/browns and the hunt began for Pink Truffle.

As I'm sure you know, the lip butters themselves are really creamy and pigmented. They're so easy to apply and don't wear off all patchy and weird looking. I wouldn't call them moisturizing but they're definitely not drying, which is perfectly fine with me.

I think these two colors are great for the fall/winter for a nice rich berry shade and a deep neutral. If you haven't tried them yet I would definitely recommend you pick them up and give them a shot!

What are your favorite lip butter shades?
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  1. Ooh the raspberry pie is my favorite, it looks so pretty on you with your dark hair!

    1. Thanks, Alex! It's such a pretty color!

  2. I love those colours super pretty! :)



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