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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Revlon "Fearless"

I posted the top photo on instagram over the weekend about this new nail polish I got recently. I have a hard time picking out nail polishes, I guess because I'm just picky! I love the way certain colors look on other people, but I just never like them on myself. My favorite shades are nudes, baby pinks, bright pinks, reds and dark purples. I do like white, mint, lavender, etc. but outside of those main colors and I never know how I'm going to like something.

I was looking for a summer red when I was at the drugstore a few days ago. I don't have a big nail polish collection but I do own a couple of reds. The ones I already had are darker reds, more of a wine tone, and that's not what I wanted. What I wanted is exactly this red by Revlon called Fearless! It's almost a hot orangey-red, so it's not too christmasey or too fall looking of a color. It's a bright, fun, classic red, but with a spin, perfect for summer! The formula of this polish is really nice, not streaky at all. You can even get away with just one coat to keep it nice and bright.

And how fun is the name? I feel like it's so appropriate for a red!

What are you favorite nail polish colors to wear?

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  1. Lovely color! Have a fabulous Wednesday doll! Kori xoxo


  2. You picked a great summer red. I love bright nail shades for summer. I'm currently wearing essie Sunday fun day which is a bright coral.


  3. I normally buy Sally Hansen nail polish when I'm rummaging around CVS but I'll have to check out Revlon next time. My go to color is always some shade of blue.

    1. I love Sally Hansen too...that and Revlon are my go-to drugstore polishes!

  4. Now this is my kinda Red!!!!! Sooo pretty! And I love your midi ring too btw! ;)

    1. It's definitely been my go-to color lately! Thanks! I got it on my first trip in a Topshop in Ireland :)


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