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Monday, June 23, 2014

Navy and White All Over: Striped Maxi

I told you guys I was going home to visit my family for the weekend and it never fails that when I go out of town I always overpack! I brought 2 extra pairs of shoes I didn't wear, my curling iron and straightener, neither of which I used and several outfits I didn't touch.

One reason I brought too many outfits is because when I saw this navy blue striped maxi skirt hanging up at my moms I asked her if I could wear it the next day. I love maxi dresses and maxi skirts because they look so elegant and like you put effort into your appearance even if you didn't and you got dressed 5 minutes before you had to leave the house!

I also borrowed this navy top from my mom, which I also loved. It's a faux-wrap top with a cowl neck and is so flattering!

As for shoes, I just wore my nude flip flops because I was feeling really fancy and wanted to stick with something basic.

Top- New York & Company
Skirt- Loft Outlet
Shoes- Lauren Conrad- Kohls
Watch- Michael Kors
Sunglasses- Michael Kors

What's your go-to outfit for summer?

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  1. That's super cute. I love how the top drapes!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. You look so pretty. I love all things navy and white striped, I feel like it just screams summer and it can easily be dressed up or down!

    1. Thank youu :) Me toooo! I felt really nautical in this outfit!


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