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Monday, March 10, 2014

Home Decor Update

A few weeks ago I was really feeling like the area on top of the bookcase was needing some attention. I've always found this to be an awkward area to decorate and I'm not sure why. For months the largest frame that's leaning on the wall had a collage I made and had in my bedroom at college so it was pretty girly and my boyfriend never liked it. Then, around Christmas, I decided to just take a piece of Christmas wrapping paper and put it in the frame to give me a quick fix for the meantime. A couple of weeks after Christmas the wrapping paper was still in there and I knew I had to figure something out. 

I've never been one to buy random prints from Michaels or wherever because they don't mean anything to me. I would rather print a picture from a trip I've taken because it's just more personal. Of course, though, I couldn't decide on one. Luckily I was online one day and found the print that's in it now and I thought it was perfect!

Bookshelf decor featuring picture frames, books, candles and flowers.

I love that the print is simple- just plain black and white with the phrase, "Let's Stay Home," because as much as I love being out in the world, I have no problems staying in and relaxing. I kept the same two frames with some of his family (which he asked me to blur our, hopefully you guys don't mind!) and one of the two of us. I added two books that fit well together, which just happened to be the first Harry Potter and a Film book I had in college to give a little more dimension and interest.

The vase and flower I got from Michaels for pretty inexpensive. I just liked that the vase is white since all of the frames are black so it lightens the area up a bit, and one of my favorite color combinations is black and green so I knew the green flower would look great with all of the black. For some reason, the green flower just seemed crisp, bright and cheery to me, as opposed to one in the red, pink or purple color families.

Bookshelf decor with free printable and vase with hydrangeas

Free printable home decor update

I also added this black and white striped print with a gold glitter heart that reads, "love" because it has a modern and fun look that I thought would be nice to spruce the side table up a little in the living room. (It was originally meant for Valentine's Day decor, but ya know how that goes.)

Thrift store home decor milk glass

Milk glass thrift store finds

The last thing I wanted to share is that someone told me about a local thrift store in our area so I went and checked it out. When I go to thrift stores, my favorite thing to do is look through the home sections because a lot of times, you'll find pretty unique pieces that not everybody has and for super cheap! I've become obsessed with this place because I've been on the hunt for milk glass and they always have some cute little pieces for me to find.  The last few times I've gone I've picked up these three pieces. I'm pretty sure the only one that's actual milk glass is the pot with the dots all over it, but I love them all. I love that they're white because that just gives it a chic and modern look to me. I also love the scalloped edges and the dot details because it makes them look so sweet!

That's my little home decor update! Nothing too big, just a couple small additions to add a little life! I hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know where you like to shop for home decor :)

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  1. Love the hydrangeas!


    1. Me too! I always seem to gravitate toward them. They're just so big and full of life :)

  2. That Let's Stay Home print is perfect! Plus I love the pop of color with the flowers. I'm a big fan of displaying photos from different trips everywhere, that way you can relive memories!

    1. I loved the print and the flowers too! That's why I like to use personal photos too :)

  3. It looks so gorgeous! I really love that bright pop of green with those flowers!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  4. I also love the home section of thrift stores! You can find some really awesome things sometimes! Nice blog too. Check out mine and let me know if you want to follow each other.


  5. I love all the pieces you found, but the bookcase area decor is my favourite. I love how all the frames are different but in a subtle way, and the white vase with the green flower really adds to the overall look. You have definitely inspired me!

    Malinda | Corrupted By Society

  6. Ahh they're some lovely additions to any home, I really like the print too :) just having a nice browse through your blog, only just discovered it! xx

  7. I love the pieces you picked up! I recently bought quite a few decorative items from Target and they are actually really pretty and stylish!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog

    1. Thank you! I love Target too! Whenever I'm in there I stay forever and look at everything :)

  8. Looks so so lovely, love the vase and flowers :)


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