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Thursday, March 31, 2016

30th birthday Recap & Ideas

Today I thought it would be fun to share what we did and how I decorated for my boyfriends 30th birthday! Maybe this will help any of you that have friends or family turning 30 or it may just provide some general birthday ideas.

If you'll remember, last year I did a "coffee shop" theme for his birthday, but this year I decided that 30 is a big enough birthday that "30" would simply be the theme.

To start, I got a great idea from a coworker to do "30 gifts for turning 30". So I made a spreadsheet of all of the ideas that I had, they weren't big, expensive gifts, just random things I know he likes or would think were cool (Gift cards, movies, favorite gum, etc). I categorized everything to make the list making easier because I found it tough to think of 30 things (Movie Day, Coffee Day, Useful Stuff Day). On the list, I also included the gifts I was getting him as well as what his family was getting him in the 30 to make it a little easier for myself! His birthday happened to be on a Saturday, so I decided that starting the Monday before he would get 4-5 gifts (depending on the category) and by Saturday he would be at his last set of gifts totaling 30. He LOVED the idea and looked forward to getting to open gifts every day leading up to his birthday. Even though some gifts were silly, just the act of a mini celebration each day made it that much more special. My goal was for him to feel like his birthday wasn't just over after a few hours because it only comes once a year and 30 is a big milestone!

I decorated most of the house so everywhere he went would have a little birthday in it, however, downstairs I decided to do a black, silver and gold theme with the decor.  I bought those amazing gold metallic number balloons off of Amazon, got the tassel banner from Michaels and I made the banner that says "Thirty" from glitter letters and twine I found at Michaels. Also, I made the big poster board of events that happened in 1986 by taking a tube of white wrapping paper and wrapping it over itself around the tube and then attaching it to a tripod. I had the idea to do that for a while but ended up having to actually make it in a hurry. It was still a hit and he thought it was really interesting to read a compiled list of world events that happened that year.

As far as what we did on his birthday, we took a mini road trip to go snow tubing for the first time and we went into the city to eat at his favorite restaurant. The weather was perfect with a light dusting of snow on the ground and super sunny and we had the best time!

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