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Monday, November 2, 2015

Mally Golden Rule of Beauty: Lips & Cheeks

I decided to divide my post up on the Mally Golden Rule of Beauty gift set because it came with quite a few products. This gift set was out last year around the holidays so I'm not sure if it's going to be back this year. If it's not, I think these are all products from the regular line (if not the exact color, the product in general) so I decided to continue with the review anyway. I asked for this set last year so that I could try out a number of products from the brand, which it definitely accomplished, but I'm going to focus more on formulas since the set was limited edition.

This post is going to cover the lip and cheek products that came with the set, so I'll go ahead and get into it!

First off is the blush. As you can see from the first image, it comes in a really cute pink compact with a mirror on the inside and the shade is in Mally's Baby. The color itself gives a really natural, soft pink flush to the cheeks that is very pigmented so a little goes a long way. The formula is very smooth to swatch and to apply to the cheeks. It's not chalky or patchy, it's just very easy and quick to apply.

The liquid lipstick was my favorite product that came in the set. The shade was in Just Heaven, which is a soft pinky-nude, right up my alley! I love the tube it comes in because it looks so nice with the gold ends and it feels high end because it's got a little weight to it. I also really like the brush applicator at the end because it makes it so easy to put on. When I had this, I used it every single day, so it's been LONG gone, but I remember the formula again, being really smooth. It's pigmented for as light of a shade as it is and it's not sticky or thick. It lasts a while, but when it does start wearing off you can't tell and it doesn't look weird of patchy. Overall, it's a very easy product to apply and wear.

I know this was a SUPER late post on this set, but I still wanted to do it because I did and do still enjoy the products. I would definitely recommend that you guys try this brand or even wait to see what gift sets come out this year to try a little bit of everything at once like I did!

Look out for the next post on the set about the eye products that came in it!
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  1. Really lovely natural shades - a little too light for my complexion personally but they look gorgeous on you! :) x


  2. These look gorgeous on you! I've been wanting to try Mally's liquid lipsticks for a while now, and now I definitely need to try it out!
    Modern Beauty Girl


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