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Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday House Tour!

This post is very picture heavy, but I hope you enjoy having a peek around my house and the way I've decorated this holiday season!

I hope you enjoyed my holiday house! I had so much fun decorating this year in our new house and making it feel festive and cozy. I have just been loving sitting around in the sparkly lights, watching Christmas movies and wrapping gifts; nothing beats this time of year for me.

If you're curious about where anything is from just let me know! Quite a bit of what you see is from this year and is probably still available if you're interested :)

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  1. Your house looks beautiful and festive. The garland is probably my favorite, such a small detail that instantly makes the house feel more "Christmasy".

    1. Thanks, Alex!! I love the garland too! I have been wanting really thick, nice garland for years now so I was so happy to finally get it and put it up! :)


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