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Friday, September 19, 2014

Looks for Less: Home Edition!

You guys know that I moved about two months ago and my priorities have shifted to decorating! I love decorating and I've wanted to do it for so long, but we've been in apartments and didn't want to paint, put holes in the walls, etc. In addition to that, my budget hasn't been and still isn't very substantial, which makes things in decorating world a little difficult.

When I was asked if I wanted to do a post featuring Kirkland's I was SO excited. I remember my mom taking me to Kirkland's when I was little to shop for home decor and now that I'm decorating my own home, my love for Kirkland's has just grown. Last time I went home to visit family and friends my mom and I went to Kirkland's at my request because, unfortunately, I don't live near one anymore! We had a great time and both walked away with some goodies, one of which I shared in this Friday Favorites post.

To demonstrate why I love Kirkland's so much I decided to design two bedrooms. The first bedroom is made up of solely Kirkland's products and the other is of similar, more pricey products. The price difference is actually insane and while I still like the brands/companies of the pricier room, Kirkland's does not disappoint on quality. You know the saying, "You get what you pay for?" well, at Kirkland's you pay so much less than other retailers but you get pieces that are genuinely good quality.

Let's get to the fun stuff!

Room 1: Kirkland's

Room 2: Competitors
Expensive Comparison

I designed these two rooms based on the look I'm actually going for in the master bedroom in my own house. If you remember from that Friday Favorites post, I actually bought that exact starburst mirror for above my bed. Pictures don't even do it justice, it's so sparkly and glamorous. It's also pretty heavy! I was surprised at the weight, it feels and looks so much more expensive than it was. I also mentioned in that post that we considered buying the sunburst mirror in the competitor room, but that when I found the one at Kirkland's with my mom my decision was instantly made!

I did my best to choose pieces that were very similar in style and color and I was really amazed at how close some of the items were. Not only that, when it came down to it, I could hardly believe the price difference between the two rooms- over $1,000! What I really love about Kirkland's is that I know I'm getting products that are stylish and keep up with current trends, they're good quality AND within my budget- all very important qualities :)

Have you guys ever visited a Kirkland's? What was your favorite piece in the room I designed? Let me know!


  1. At least half of my house is stuff from Kirklands! I love their style and their prices :) Both of your designs are so cute!


  2. Aww I always love walking through Kirklands, they have really fun pieces that are just unique but still classic. I love both of your designs, especially those white chairs.

    1. I totally agree! It's like a playground in there :)

  3. Kirklands is one of my absolute fave places to shop for decor!!! LOVE the rooms u designed too!

    1. Thank you!! They have some really cute beachy stuff that reminds me of you!


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