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Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Decor: Part 2

As promised, here's Part 2!

12. I love this little mummy. He's a "bobble" mummy so if you touch him he bounces a little. He's also a tea light holder so you can see the flickering of the light through his eyes. So cute!

13. I got this jack-o-lantern bowel from the target dollar bins for a few dollars, I believe. I don't put anything in it because I love the face in it!

14. This cute little witch is more of an outdoor decoration from A.C. Moore, but she's s cute so I like to hang her up inside.

15. I can't remember where the haunted house decoration came from, but it's two pieces that you put together to make it 3-D and it's glittery! The jar next to it is a tea light holder with a skeleton scene. I just like that it adds a bit of color.

16. This "Gone Batty" sign is one of my favorites! I stuck it in the corner on the bathroom counter and it's just so cute and fun and adds a nice little halloween touch to the bathroom.

17. This is my white princess pumpkin! I think it's a little whimsical and I love it. I just plopped it down on the top of the toaster oven!

18. I wanted a halloween banner to hang on the fireplace, but I wanted to make it myself. I found a kit from Michaels that I'm going to feature in a post in a couple of days! It's a subtle/chic look.

19. I wanted to get a couple of little pumpkins, because it just wouldn't be halloween without pumpkins! I don't like to spend a lot though, because they go bad pretty quickly. I got two and sat this one here to add a little pop of orange that I love! Plus, they're adorable!

Last but not least, I forgot to add this one into the collages but they're one of my favorite dollar store finds! These are called Creepy Cloths, and you can find them pretty much anywhere this time of year, but I buy mine from the dollar store because I don't need super high quality creepy cloths, haha. We don't have any curtains hung because we just moved so these are a fun window decoration for the season!

I hope you've enjoyed!


  1. You really go all out with the halloween decorating, I love that! I love the little pumpkin plates, perfect for holding candy!

    1. I do! But this is nothing compared to the last couple of years :) I had to give a lot of my decorations away!

  2. I love the white pumpkin and the mantle banner! I am making one that is still in progress :)


    1. Thank you! Those are two of my favorite pieces. I hope you do a post about it! I'd love to see :)

  3. i really really like your decors ivy! saw both part 1 & 2 just now :)


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